Gel-polish BASIC “A Bunch of Wishes”, 3,5 ml.

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  • Gel-polish BASIC “A Bunch of Wishes”, 3,5 ml.

Gel-polish BASIC “A Bunch of Wishes”, 3,5 ml.

  • Type: 3-phases
  • Volume, ml: 3.5
  • SKU: 294-129M
  • Color: platinum with silver crimson shimmer and golden flocks, opaque

Fabulous, tender and romantic collection BASIC includes the dearest nudes and the most festive shimmering gel polishes. BRIDAL COLLECTION is all about pink, nude and warm taupe tones and sparkling details. Make French manicure or beautiful ciphers with new collection of three-step gel polishes BASIC.

How to apply:

1) Shake a bottle. Apply a base-coat on clean natural nails, polymerize, do not remove a dispersive layer.
2) Then apply a colored BASIC gel-polish.
3) Polymerize a layer for 2 minutes in UV-lamp or for 30 seconds in LED-lamp. Repeat if necessary.
4) Apply the Chrystal Topcoat, 11 ml (sku.: 290-01S).
5) After polymerization a dispersive layer remains. Remove it using a cotton pad moisturized with an adhesive layer remover

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