Gel polish “Moscow”, 3,5 ml.

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  • Gel polish “Moscow”, 3,5 ml.

Gel polish “Moscow”, 3,5 ml.

Availability: In stock
  • Type: 3-phases
  • Volume, ml: 3.5
  • SKU: 290-70M
  • Color: scarlet with a bit of pink micro glitter, opaque

How to apply:

Shake a bottle.

1. Apply a base-coat on clean natural nails, polymerize, do not remove a dispersive layer.
2. Then apply a colored BASIC gel-polish. Polymerize a layer for 2 minutes in UV-lamp or for 30 seconds in LED-lamp. Repeat if necessary.
3. Apply the Chrystal Topcoat, 11 ml (sku.: 290-01S).
4. After polymerization a dispersive layer remains. Remove it using a cotton pad moisturized with an adhesive layer remover.

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