Nail polish "Paradise", 11 ml

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  • Nail polish "Paradise", 11 ml
  • Nail polish "Paradise", 11 ml
  • Nail polish "Paradise", 11 ml

Nail polish "Paradise", 11 ml

  • Type: nail polish
  • Volume, ml: 11
  • SKU: 904-210
  • Color: Deep teal green with teal magnetic overflow

We are glad to introduce you a limited edition collection of incredible magnetic nail polishes! "Glare on the Water" — a unique effect of sunbeams caught in nail polish.

How to apply:
1. Apply a base coat or black base "Obsidian" on your nail plate
2. Apply a layer of nail polish from "Glare on the Water" collection.
3. Apply a second layer of nail polish.
4. Do not wait until the layer of nail polish dries and put a rib of a magnet near your nail first vertically or diagonally, for 5 seconds.
5. Apply a top coat Top coat “5 stars”, 11 ml

* A MASURA magnet is required.

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