Nail polish First Love, 11 ml

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  • Nail polish First Love, 11 ml
  • Nail polish First Love, 11 ml

Nail polish First Love, 11 ml

  • Type: nail polish
  • Volume, ml: 11
  • SKU: 1180
  • Color: Smoky pink, jelly, with golden flakes

Apply 2-3 layers of nail polish over a base coat, afterwards set your nails with a top coat.

Made in cooperation with MollyTaurus

I Like soft colors and flakes. So the collaboration nail polish "First Love" was born. First love is unforgettable. It is pure love. Someone will fight for the first love, someone is forced to leave. In fact, it is a feeling that can't be laid. Everyone wills recollection of the first love. I had my first love when I was 18 years old. He was a handsome boy. I met him and fall in love with him at first sight, and couldn't take my eyes off him. That's a good memory like this sweet color. I hope all of you guys will like this color as well.

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