Nail polish La Sylphide, 11 ml

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  • Nail polish La Sylphide, 11 ml
  • Nail polish La Sylphide, 11 ml
  • Nail polish La Sylphide, 11 ml

Nail polish La Sylphide, 11 ml

  • Type: nail polish
  • Volume, ml: 11
  • SKU: 1217
  • Color: Beige holographic

Apply 2-3 layers of nail polish over a base coat, afterwards set your nails with a top coat.

Made in cooperation with @la_avenail

This nail polish was created against the background of bright childhood memories.
Actually, I got inspired by Sylphide, the captivating spirit of the air. When I was a very small girl, my mother bought tickets to the big theater for the "The Sylphide" ballet. It seemed to me that the main character was just hovering on stage, she was absolutely weightless - "And how does she manage it?" - I thought then.
Since that day I have firmly decided to become a ballerina.

I think that together with the Masura company we managed to transfer all
the subtlety and lightness of this polish in spite of all the laws of attraction.

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