Nail polish "Evergreen", 3,5 ml

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  • Nail polish "Evergreen", 3,5 ml
  • Nail polish "Evergreen", 3,5 ml
  • Nail polish "Evergreen", 3,5 ml

Nail polish "Evergreen", 3,5 ml

  • Type: nail polish
  • Volume, ml: 3.5
  • SKU: 1166M
  • Color: Deep green with holographic flakes and a yellow-green overflow

Apply 2-3 layers of nail polish over a base coat, afterwards set your nails with a top coat.

Made in сollaboration with Gabrielleconn :

Green color is the color of the soul. My inspiration was found in the words of the famous song by my favourite singer, Hyde. "If only I could stop the flow of time, Turn the clock to yesterday, Erasing all the pain. I've only memories of happiness, Such pleasure we have shared, This scenery is evergreen, As buds turn into leaves, The colours live and breath". I am happy to introduce Evergreen polish to you.

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