Nail polish "Apologize", 3,5 ml

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  • Nail polish "Apologize", 3,5 ml
  • Nail polish "Apologize", 3,5 ml
  • Nail polish "Apologize", 3,5 ml
  • Nail polish "Apologize", 3,5 ml
  • Nail polish "Apologize", 3,5 ml

Nail polish "Apologize", 3,5 ml

  • Type: nail polish
  • Volume, ml: 3.5
  • SKU: 1168M
  • Color: Green shady spruce color, holographic, shimmering with turquoise particles

Apply 2-3 layers of nail polish over a base coat, afterwards set your nails with a top coat.

Made in сollaboration with @laublm :

I’m a very sentimental girl, so the inspiration for this was my feelings and my love for nature. My favorite color for nails is green so this couldn’t be otherwise. Color and name of this gem were inspired by my father, who died on May 10, 2016, he loved the nature that represents us here where I live and was also a lover of this color like me.
The name has come from several feelings towards my father, everything that I didn’t say, like I love him. It’s my way of paying tribute to him, who has always been very proud of me and also of my nail art, I know he would be happy if he saw this.

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