Nail polish "Clary Sage", 3,5 ml

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  • Nail polish "Clary Sage", 3,5 ml
  • Nail polish "Clary Sage", 3,5 ml
  • Nail polish "Clary Sage", 3,5 ml

Nail polish "Clary Sage", 3,5 ml

  • Type: nail polish
  • Volume, ml: 3.5
  • SKU: 1176M
  • Color: scattered holography of a rich lilac color with a delicate pink shimmer

Apply 2-3 layers of nail polish over a base coat, afterwards set your nails with a top coat.

Made in cooperation with

According to the Pantone Color Institute, the shade of the 2018 year is gorgeous "Ultra Violet". And it inspired the LakoDom coworkers to create this collection.
Pantone cooperators, led by Leatrice Eiseman, describe this color as "mysterious, awakening the spirit of invention and imagination."

That is why different shades of nail polishes and textures are selected in such way that they can be organically combined in one manicure - a fresh spring trio has turned out.

The names were given in honor of the colors of lilac-violet shades: Crocus, Iris, and Sage.
Like a nail polishes from this collection, each flower has its own character and personality but combining them into one bouquet, you can get a gentle and sensual combination.

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