Masura magnetic nail polish - how to create a deep magnetic effect
Apply the black Base Coat “Obsidian” (sku 904-107) on your nail plate.

Apply the effects nail polish “Smoky Quartz” (sku 904-173).
Place the magnet (sku 904-113) near fresh painted nails.
Pay a special attention to disposition of the magnet. To set up an effect place a short side of the magnet vertically to your nail. Such disposition allows to create a wave strip.
To finish your design use the Top Coat “5 Stars” (sku 1000).

Your nails are beautiful:

The uniqueness of this design is that the magnet creates an artificial line. Like a wave, it passes all over the nail shining and reflecting all the shades of gel polish. This design can be created with our original magnet only!

Used materials:

  • Base Coat “Obsidian” (sku 904-107)
  • Effects nail polish “Smoky Quartz” (sku 904-173)
  • Magnet (sku 904-113)
  • Top Coat “5 Stars” (sku 1000)