Masura magnetic nail polish - double-magnet scan
Apply MASURA Black Base (904-107). It has a solid black color to create an ideal coverage before your “Precious Stones” nail art.
Apply Nail Polish MOUNTAIN AZURITE (904-171)

Scan it with a double-magnet. We created the double-magnet out of 2 MASURA Magnets (904-113) and a thin Lego detail between them. This magnetic “sandwich” with its gap creates even more visible 3-D effect. Your nails obtain a really deep jelly color and an outstanding volume. Have a try on one nail or on 4 nails simultaneously. Please note: scan the nails before the nail polish dries.

Let your nail art dry for a while. Apply MASURA 5 STARS Top Coat (sku 1000) to fix the nail art.

How many ideas do you have now to create numerous effects with MASURA Magnetic Nail Polish? Let’s try them all!