Masura magnetic gel polish - milky way effect
Apply MASURA Black Base (295-00) on a ready natural nail plate.

Dry 120sec in UV-Lamp or 30sec in LED-Lamp.

Apply MASURA Gel Polish „The Star of India” (295-14). This Gel Polish shade is named after the famous sapphire. Look at its shine and precious stones effect!

Do not dry. Scan it by MASURA Magnet using its end. Hold its end with a little incline. Hold for 1 sec. The resulted effect will not have a direct line, but it will get a fancy bend. The magnet particles will spread over the wave-looking line like a milky way.

Dry 120sec in UV-Lamp or 30sec in LED-Lamp.

Apply non-sticky MASURA Vitamin Top (292-00). Then again dry 120sec in UV-Lamp or 30sec in LED-Lamp.

The famous precious stone with its most deep jelly blue color and the prettiest milky way ever are on your nails now. Try with any other MASURA Magnetic Gel Polish shade (ссылка на раздел) to create a true galaxy!