Masura magnetic gel polish - tiger nail art
Apply MASURA Black Base (295-00) on a ready natural nail plate. Its black color is solid, the Base has a perfect coverage and adhesion to natural nails. Black Base will not color the pigment of natural nail plate. We recommend this product for any gel polish nail art where you want to show the best of your gel polish effects.

Dry MASURA Black Base 120sec in UV-Lamp or 30sec in LED-Lamp.

Apply the second layer of MASURA Black Base.

Do not dry it. Apply MASURA Magnetic gel polish in strokes. We use HAT OF MONOMAKH shade (295-02) which is more natural to a real tiger skin.
Use the brush of the gel polish, it is very convenient to do the strokes. Put the strokes all over the nail plate. Leave a little gap between each stoke. While the Gel Polish is self-levelling, it extrudes the Black Base. The black lines appear to give your nails a tiger skin look.
Scan the nail plate with MASURA Magnet. Hold it vertically along the nail plate for 1-2 seconds. Use the edge of the Magnet like shown on the photo.
Then hold MASURA Magnet horizontally over the nail plate. Use the edge of the Magnet like shown on the photo.
You will see how fast the gel polish self-levels to create a fancy tiger look. All the strokes you took will result in a unique tiger „skin”.
Let’s dry it now 120sec in UV-Lamp or 30sec in LED-Lamp.

And we finish the nail art: apply non-sticky MASURA Vitamin Top (292-00). Then again dry 120sec in UV-Lamp or 30sec in LED-Lamp.

This nail art is easy to create with no extra tools and brushes. You will not find 2 similar „tigers” among your 10 shiny nails.


You can choose any other shade or even to combine 2-3 magnetic shades with this design.