Masura magnetic gel polish - raindrops
Apply MASURA Black Base (295-00) on a ready natural nail plate. Black Base has a good adhesion to a natural nail plate. Its black color is solid and has a perfect coverage. You can use Black Base with any MASURA dark gel polishes to take most of their color shade. Here we use Black Base with MASURA Magnetic Gel Polish as a basic color for a future design. We think black color is a perfect canvas for our „Precious Stones” collection. You can also try our Magnetic Gel Polish on MASURA White Base (294-00).

Dry MASURA Black Base 120sec in UV-Lamp or 30sec in LED-Lamp.

Apply MASURA Magnetic Gel Polish from our „Precious Stones” Collection. Here we use AMETHYSTS OF RICHELIEU shade (295-08)

Do not dry it. Scan the nail plate with MASURA Magnet. Hold the Magnet near the cuticles with a little incline. Hold for 2-3 seconds.

You will notice the gel polish obtains a perfect gradient from the darker shade to a lighter shade. The magnetic particles will go away from the place where you hold the magnet, the jelly nature of the gel polish appears. The shine of the gel polish will remind you a precious stone. The magnetic effect will be different from all the sides of the nail plate.
Now let’s dry it 120sec in UV-Lamp or 30sec in LED-Lamp.

Apply MASURA Matte Top Coat (290-46) on the nails. By the time you are reading this, we’ve changed the gel polish packaging to give it a better look and more convenient brush.

Dry MASURA Matte Top Coat 120sec in UV-Lamp or 30sec in LED-Lamp.

Remove the sticky layer with MASURA Adhesive Layer Remover.

Use a dot tool to put drops on your matt nails. Drops of MASURA non-sticky Vitamin Top (292-00) will be perfect for this purpose. It is strong enough to keep a drop shape and to give you time to create. And it has no adhesive layer after polymerization. Must-have for all you gel polish nail art ideas.
Dry MASURA 120sec in UV-Lamp or 30sec in LED-Lamp. Your nail art is ready!

Here we applied Matte Top Coat on one nail only. The rest nails we covered with the non-sticky Vitamin Top (292-00) to give them a glossy rainy look.