Masura magnetic gel polish - reptile skin effect
Apply MASURA Black Base (295-00) on a ready natural nail plate. Black Base has a good adhesion to a natural nail plate. Its black color is solid and has a perfect coverage. You can use Black Base with any MASURA dark gel polishes to take most of their color shade. Here we use Black Base with MASURA Magnetic Gel Polish as a basic color for a future design. We think black color is a perfect canvas for our „Precious Stones” collection. You can also try our Magnetic Gel Polish on MASURA White Base (294-00).

Dry MASURA Black Base 120sec in UV-Lamp or 30sec in LED-Lamp.

Apply the second layer of MASURA Black Base. Don’t dry it. Put some drops in a line using MASURA Magnetic Gel Polish FABERGE (295-03) from „Precious Stones” Collection. Let there be a distance between the drops so that they have some space to self-level.
Repeat putting drops all over the nail surface. We made three rows. The drops themselves will create a reptile skin when self-leveling.
Scan all the drops together using MASURA Magnet (904-113). Hold it vertically for 10 sec. You will see the jelly nature of MASURA Magnetic Gel Polish from the sides of your nail. Have you seen this before? You will notice the shiny magnetic line all over the drops. This effect is stunning! Your nails obtain a glamorous look and deep jelly volume.

Let them dry 120sec in UV-Lamp or 30sec in LED-Lamp.

Now finish your nail art: apply non-sticky MASURA Vitamin Top (292-00). Then again dry 120sec in UV-Lamp or 30sec in LED-Lamp.