MASURA “Murano Glass effect” top coats
Hello everyone! Today I’ll tell you about the “Murano Glass effect” top coats collection which has been released in the beginning of spring. Many of you are already acquainted with tints for nail art, but these tops are slightly different from ordinary tints.

The collection of “stained glass effect” top coats is called “Murano Glass” or “Murano Glass effect top coats”.
Murano (Venetian) glass is the glass which is made according to the old technologies that appeared on island Murano near Venice.
The most famous varieties of Murano glass are:
  • Colored glass which makes with the help of oxides of base metals: for example, iron oxide paints in green color, cobalt paints in blue etc
  • Mosaic glass including Millefiori (“Thousand colors” in Italian), which look like multicolored field made of stars, flowers and rosettes
So, what the stained glass tops are?
These tops are well-pigmented translucent nail polishes in mini bottles 3,5 ml. One layer is enough to make a smooth cover without gaps over the colored nail polish. The main difference of stained glass tops is the ability to smoothen themselves and to dry rather fast. This top wouldn`t dry a couple of layers of wet nail polish fast, but if you put a layer of Murano glass top on the well-dried nail polish, it’ll dry rather fast. The main and unique feature of these tops is that they can cardinally change the color of the base nail polish. I’ll show you a couple of variants and tell you about each of them.

2001 Venetian Flower

Crimson-red glassy nail polish, which could be blood red or airy pastel crimson depending on the number of layers. This colored top can turn golden nail polish into orange without holographic shimmering loss

2002 Palazzo

Blueberry violet glass. It looks almost black in the bottle, but it lies in a very thin layer and gives a fantastic effect. It turns silver lavender holographic nail polish into juicy rich blueberry. The holographic effect stays and becomes even more signified

2003 Murano Glass

A nail polish named after the whole collection. Rich blue glass which can turn Barbie pink nail polish into violet plum color

2004 Golden Lion

Bright yellow nail polish with a ripe lemon tone. You can turn blue nail polish into teal green without holographic shimmering loss

2005 Millefiori

And the last, my favorite nail polish with teal green tone. It accentuates all the good points of mint nail polishes and it looks extremely good on magnetic nail polishes

The “Murano Glass effect” collection was made for being top coats for “Precious Stones” nail polishes, that`s why I couldn’t help showing you them “in action”. I chose a new nail polish “Between Two Rivers” for example. It is a grey-black magnetic metallic nail polish with silver fleck and blue shimmering. Before:

Then I put one layer of Murano Glass top coats. From left to right: Murano Glass, Millefiori (they look slightly alike, but the difference between them is more signified in real life), Venetian Flower, Golden Lion:

And, of course, Palazzo:

Here, in the shadows, the difference between Murano Glass and Millefiori is more visible:

Then I decided to show you these tones “solo”, on the white base “White Quartz” as they are quite transparent. From left to right: Palazzo, Murano Glass, Millefiori, Venetian Flower, Golden Lion (I’ve put two layers of the tops to show the intension of the tones)
And, of course, some nail art designs which you can do using these top coats/
Rainbow-like strokes with a brush on the white base with stamping on top
And one of the most popular type of nailart with tints – a reverse stamping. You can use the brush from the bottle of nail polish to color the stamping which speeds up the process.
The image from the Easter stamping plate Konad square plate 16

And here are some Easter rabbits on the rainbow lawn
That’s it! I hope I’ve managed to highlight all the advantages of “Murano Glass effect” top coats. Some ideas for the nail designs with these tops came to my mind while I was writing the post. Have you taken a shine to any of the top coats already?
You can buy “Murano Glass effect” top coats at official MASURA online shop and at