MASURA - The Silk Road Collection

Not long ago I reviewed MASURA magnetic nail polishes, but in the meantime this line was further developed and increased its membership with a new ‘The Silk Road’ Collection dedicated to the mysterious East. Besides a wide variety of shades nail polishes from this collection have a little bit different texture – metallic particles are smaller and thinner and its density is thicker, so they can be used without any foundation and many of them – even in a single layer. In addition, now you can choose the volume of bottles – not only customary 11 ml, but also small 3,5 ml. I think it will be pleasant news for those who own large nail polish collections.

MASURA 904-176 Oliva Branch

Olive green magnetic nail polish with holographic flakes. I applied it (and all the rest nail polishes from this review) in a traditional way – with vertical strokes from cuticle to free edge putting a magnet diagonally. Two layers and a top coat.

MASURA 904-177 Indian Night

Dark blue magnetic nail polish with gold and holographic shimmer. I applied two thin layers, but one thick would be enough. Plus a top coat.

MMASURA 904-178 Emerald Sari

Emerald green magnetic nail polish containing gold and holographic shimmer. Two layers and a top coat.

MASURA 904-179 Moire Antique

Copper brown rather light-toned magnetic nail polish with gold shimmer. Two layers and a top coat.

MASURA 904-181 Organza and Cashmere

Silvery beige magnetic nail polish with a bit of gold shimmer. Two layers and a top coat.

MASURA 904-182 Mehendi

Vinous brown magnetic nail polish of high density. In my picture it’s applied in a single thick layer plus a top coat.

MASURA 904-183 Between Two Rivers

Dark grey magnetic nail polish with teal undertone and multicolored holographic shimmer. It has a good density and can be applied in a single layer. I have two thin layers under a top coat.

MASURA 904-184 Kashmiri Chili

Terracotta magnetic nail polish, the only one from the whole review that I applied over black foundation, because I started with it. And it immediately became clear that all the polishes have a very good density and the rest ones I applied on their own.

MASURA 904-186 Saffron

Raspberry red magnetic nail polish with red shimmer. Two thin layers and a top coat.

MASURA 904-188 Silk Haze

Raspberry magnetic nail polish with raspberry-red shimmer. Opaque texture. Can be applied in a single thin layer. I applied two layers and a top coat.

MASURA 904-189 Condiments and Spices

Chocolate brown magnetic nail polish with golden shimmer. One layer would be definitely enough, but I traditionally applied it in two layers plus a top coat.

MASURA 904-190 Cobalt Damasse

Rather bright medium blue magnetic nail polish with blue and silver shimmer. Two layers and a top coat.

Finally I will show several designs with nail polishes from the collection because with stamping and stencils they look really impressive. Here, for example, I used a pattern over Emerald Sari:

And here’s a reverse stamping with Silk Haze and Cobalt Damasse:

In this design I used three nail polishes from the collection: Saffron, Kashmiri Chili and Condiments and Spices and a stencil.