Review on The Indian Star gel polish from the MASURA “Precious Stones” Collection

What could be more beautiful than a manicure with an effect of precious stones? This amazing collection of gel polishes can’t be compared with anything. Each of its representative is so unusual and tempting that it can easily turn brain of any fashionista!

The Indian Star is a dark blue shade with a silvery shimmer. Ideal for those who want to try to create a Universe on nails.

Gel polish The Indian Star is daedal and variable. This expressive and actual shade looks great on your nails both in everyday life and on special occasions. The highlight of this gel polish is a unique iridescent effect that can be created at your pleasure. It may be cat’s eye effect, the mysterious Milky Way and even the incredible patterns of entire galaxies!

Such an extraordinary effect can be created using a special magnet. Eventual result will amaze everyone with uncommon glory, rich iridescent effect and sparkling speck of light. Be in the highlight with a new MASURA “Precious Stones” Collection!

Manicure with gems effect is created in several steps. First of all apply a base coat on your nails (for example, use a Fluid Base (Easily Removing Foundation for Gel Polishes) SKU 290-50S). After that apply one layer of gel polish from the “Precious Stones” Collection and dry it in UV or LED lamp. Apply a second layer and before polymerization put a rib of a magnet first vertically, then horizontally. Finishing touch is a top coat. You may use Crystal Top Coat (it requires removing a sticky layer) or Vitamin Top Coat (does not require removing a sticky layer).

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