MASURA Magnetic Gradient Collection (Part 2)

There are three things that can be watched forever: fire burning, water flowing and… flaring of magnetic nail polishes.

MASURA Magnetic Gradient Collection contains 10 shades. I’ve showed you first 5 nail polishes, and now it’s time to show the rest of them.

Let me remind you that the particularity of this collection is (apart from metallic dust that works under the power of magnet) in ragged holo-flakes that turn each nail polish into the real universe on nails.

All the nail polishes are applied in one thick layer, after that we hold a magnet for 10-15 secs under it, and to fix the result I advise to apply a layer of top coat and hold a magnet under it too.

Galaxy Collisions 904-191

Anthracite grey with holographic particles and noticeable light blue shimmer.

The Red Square Nebula 904-192

Rich vinous base with a bit of brick-red, ragged cosmic holographic and a pink tone.

Here, traditionally, I couldn’t resist decorating. Maybe it’s a little too much but alternatively it can happen to exist. I like combining different textures. Here, for example, there’s a dispersed holography plus crelly (crème jelly). For this design I used Whatsupnails stencils.

The Universe 904-195

Inky blue-violet with ragged holo-flakes and light blue shimmer. One of my favorites from the collection. 100% true to its name.

I’ve made a design with it for my owl-purse from Vologda using a Moyou London Sailor stamping plate.

The Pillars of Creation 904-198

Deep emerald green with traditional holo-particles. With no doubt, it’s my personal favorite from the collection. Almost applied by itself.

After a couple of days I decided to ‘refresh’ it with a peacock stamping from the Moyou Tropical plate.

And one more design (which you already could see in my previous post about the MASURA Golden Collection). Here I used it as a nail polish for stencil design. It managed just fine!

Solar Corona 904-200

Ambiguous olive good-looker with noticeable golden shimmer. At first, the color seems a bit strange, but the more you look at it, the more you fall in love.

So that’s the magnetic cosmic collection. Some may say there’s nothing to surprise nail polish addicts, but nope, something new again. Each nail polish is unique and incredibly beautiful in motion.

Have you already tried renovated magnetic nail polishes?