MASURA Indie gel polishes. Part 1

Today I will show you a couple of gel polishes from the new MASURA Indie Collection.

All gel polishes from the Indie Collection have one particularity — flakes. Translucent jelly base is filled with many multi-sized ragged flakes. From a distance they look like simple sequins, but upon a closer view it’s a real Universe! In macro photos these beauties are for meditation =) I have four gel polishes from the collection, but I’ve made a bit too much photos, so I’ll divide my review in two parts.

Today we will feast eyes on two shades — Beach Parties and Indie Summer.

Beach Parties 294-166 is a rich violet jelly. Easy to apply in 2-3 layers, flakes do not protrude, but for this gel polishes are three-phases, top coating is necessary anyway.

By the way the brush is flat and soft enough to let draw a perfect cuticle line, and flakes spread evenly on the nail plate.

Indie Summer 294-163 is a liquid gold. I have no other words to describe =) I’m at a loss to say what shade does its base have, but the color of content is clearly non-uniform – from copper to silver. And oh how it shines in the sun!