MASURA Golden Collection Summer/ Fall ‘2016 edition (part 2)

Finally I met all the nail polishes from the Summer/Fall edition of MASURA Golden Collection. Today I will tell you about 5 shades of its second part.

This time I will not concentrate on technical characteristics of nail polishes, because they are on top as always. Easy application, drying time and gloss are excellent!

Scarlet Sails 1052

This nail polish was created in collaboration with blogger Anastasia (@nailooshka). Bright scarlet jelly with a large number of holographic particles. Can be applied in one thick layer or in two thin layers. Looks bright and eye-catchy. I always say that reds are not my cup of tea, but after such a beautiful specimen I reach out for them. With this nail polish your nails will definitely come under notice. In the sun it reveals hundreds of holographic sequins. Better see yourself.

I decorated it with Whatsupnails stencil in the form of bricks and another nail polish from the collection Black Swan.

And here is a design with PrimaNails stencil and a nail polish MASURA Limoncello.

Mermaid’s Pearl 1057

Blue lineal holographic, one of those “discreet grey-blue in the shadow, and in the sun and electric light it’s just a dream for holosexual ”. Applied in one thin layer dries instantly. For dense coating apply 3 thin or 2 thick layers.

I decorated it with my favorite ‘curly’ Greek Whatsupnails stencil and MASURA Shooting Stars nail polish.

Rainbow Over The Waterfall 1060

Almost a clone of the previous nail polish in color, application and finish effect. Only upon close examination you can notice that the Rainbow is a little more green.

I added a stamping from MoyouLondon plate with a black base MASURA Obsidian.

1054 Лаймовый фонтан

Juicy lime-green jelly with rich holographic content. In the sun it looks more yellow and plays hundreds of holographic sparkles. Can be applied in one thick or two thin layers. Dries fast itself without a top coat and has a great gloss.

I coupled it with MASURA The Pillars of Creation and stencils Whatsupnails.

Provence 1056

And traditionally I finish my review with my favorite. Pale violaceous beauty with spreading of almost invisible shimmer that highlights the shade in the sun. Easy to apply in two thin layers. Draws a cuticle line itself.

I added a light pattern of PrimaNails stencil.

On that pleasant note I conclude my review of the Summer/ Fall edition of MASURA Golden Collection. In conclusion I want to say that all the shades succeeded and the variety of textures and filling remains on top. For me it seems strange that there are two almost equal blue holos at the time, but anyway they are slightly different and each of them will find their fans.

Have you already chosen favorites for the fall?