Masura — Magnetic gradient

Today I’m showing you 6 of 12 polishes in Masura “Magnetic Gradient” collection. Hmmm, maybe the collection is called “gradient” because its colors make such a lovely gradient together? :) I don’t know for sure but I know that all polishes in this collection are magnetic with a nice addition of scattered holo particles.

All polishes in this collection have the same formula: rather on the thick side, but definitely in a good way. Unlike Masura Precious Stones, these don’t need black undies, they are pigmented enough to give you great coverage in 2 coats (they would be good in 1 coat but for magnet application; to avoid bald spots after you’ve applied the magnet you need 2 honest coats). All swatches were done with artificial light, 2 coats of polish and Masura 5 Stars top coat. To get a more crisp magnetic pattern, I apply the magnet twice: after second coat of polish and after top coat. If you need more details on how to deal with magnetic polishes, read my detailed post here. A combination of magnetic shimmer and holo particles basically gives you the simplest galaxy nails (add a couple of tiny stars in white polish and you’re done); another thing that comes to mind is northern lights.

Of note: base coat is a must-have with these! They are so pigmented that they tend to stain a bit; one coat of base is enough.

The Pillars of Creation is an emerald green with an ever so slight blue undertone.

Compared to other Masura magnetic greens, L-R: The Pillars of Creation, Emerald Sari, Mint and Basil, Cat’s Eye. You can see than Mint and Basil has the most prominent blue undertone, and Emerald Sari shows none of blue, thanks to heaps of golden shimmer.

The Diamond Planet is a very beautiful deep teal polish. If you ask me, this is the most beautiful base color in the whole collection. This is the only one I managed to make a couple of pics in sunlight (below).

Blue Stars is really, really close to Diamond Planet but still a tad more blue (see comparison in the end of the post). This one seemed slightly thinnere to me than the rest of the collection, but I needed two coats all the same.

The Universe is a blue slightly leaning to purple — another favorite of mine.

Andromeda’s Nebula is a stunning dark purple.

Finally, Magellanic Clouds. This one was a surprised stunner: I didn’t realize it also had golden shimmer on top of holographic, so when I applied magnet and all kinds of shimmer came out, I could only gasp in admiration.

For some reason I decided to take a pic of Magellanic clouds before applying magnet — it wakes some nostalgic feeling in me, I had quite a similar frosty lilac Maybelline polish... what, 15 years ago? :)

Finally, a small comparison. Left to right: The Universe, Blue Stars, The Diamond Planet, The Pillars of Creation.