Masura: MAGNETIC GRADIENT collection

I first tried magnetic nail polish 5 years ago. One friend of mine brought me it from USA. It impressed me very much but the quality was pretty bad. So was quite suspicious of this kind of polishes. But Masura brand changed my mind.

New galactic collection Magnetic Gradient looked very promising also I used Masura black base coat Obsidian and top coat 5 stars.

Из названия можно догадаться, что названия всех 10 лаков связаны с космосом.

The Diamond Planet #904-197

You could probably guess that all names of nail polishes from Magnetic Gradient collection were dedicated to cosmos.

First of all I tried The Dimond Planet 904-197. This teal magnetic nail polish creates a real star universe at my nails.

A solid magnetic gradient and holographic effect make me stare at my nails all day

Blue stars 904-196

BlueStars 904-196 are deep blue nail polish, which reminds me cold ocean waves In the sun it looks more bright though.

The Universe 904-195

What is the color of the Universe? Madura has an answer.

Dark blue nail polish TheUniverse 904-195 looks like starry night at my nails.

The Pillars of Creation 904-198

Green beauty The Pillars Of Creation 904-198 is definitely one of my favorite magnetic nail polish from Magnetic Gradient collection.

Andromeda’s Nebula 904-194

if you like violet color, this shade is for you. Real galaxy on my nails is called Andromedas Nebula 904-194.

Galaxy Collisions 904-191

This grey nail polish takes my breath away! It’s called Galaxy Collisions 904-191 and reminds me a heavy rainy cloud or starry dust

Magellanic Clouds 904-193

One more violet shade I s Magellanic Clouds 904-193. Most of all I like this golden shimmer

The Red Square Nebula 904-192

The Red Square Nebula 904-192 is pinkish terra-cotta shade which matches the autumn colors very good.

Supernovae 904-199

Normally I don’t like brown nail polishes. Sometimes could use chocolate shades... BUT! This Madura Supernovae 904-199 nail polish is really interesting one. It’s not olive color but I can’t call it a sand shade neither. Anyway I like it very much.

Solar Corona 904-200 in the shadow

Solar Corona 904-200 is classic olive shade with lots of golden shimmer. At the swatches you can see how different it looks in the sun or in the shadow.