MASURA Seven Wonders of the World Collection

Hi there! MASURA has recently released a new collection of magnetic nail polishes called “Seven Wonders of the World”, which consists of seven nail polishes with micro glitter and micro shimmer. All the nail polishes have a renovated texture which means that its application is now even nicer!

All the nail polishes are applied in two layers. I didn’t use a magnet with the first layer, and with the second one — I did. There’s no top coat on any swatch, that’s why a magnetic line looks a bit diffused.

Now let’s switch to swatches.

MASURA 904-201 Zeus on Golden Cloud

Nail polish of olive color with golden micro glitter.

MASURA 904-202 Sky Gardens

Nail polish of emerald color with bright green micro glitter.

MASURA 904-203 Artemida’s Heart

Ruby nail polish. This is one of my favorites of the Collection. Contains golden micro glitter.

MASURA 904-204 The Pyramid of Cheops

Nail polish of bronze tone with a large amount of golden micro glitter inside. A very interesting combination too.

MASURA 904-205 The Colossus Steps

Nail polish of brown color with red undertone. In a bottle it looks amazingly equal to The Pyramid of Cheops, but applied on nails, they reveal in totally different ways. Nail polish also contains a lot of micro glitter.

MASURA 904-206 Halicarnassus

Nail polish of black color with turquoise shimmer and golden micro glitter. One of my favs, too.

MASURA 904-207 Lighthouse Golden Beam

Nail polish of black color with blue shimmer and much more golden glitter than in the previous one. That’s why the black color doesn’t stand out against the other shades of shimmer and glitter.

That’s all about it. All the nail polishes from the Seven Wonders of the World collection are described in this post. I hope it may help you to make the right choice.