MASURA Golden Collection Fall-Winter 2016/17

MASURA Golden Collection has now a really great edition — On Dep Paths of Mystery (Fall-Winter 2016/17). There are no less than twenty-nine nail polishes in a wide variety of textures and shades, so here is the biggest review of the rather short history of my blog.

One more interesting thing about the edition is three shades created in collaboration with bloggers, as well as the appearance of matte and glitter nail polishes (there was nothing like that from MASURA before). So, sit back and enjoy — now more text and pictures than ever.

Masura 1063 Shaken No Stirred

Muted olive cream-jelly nail polish with a few of holographic shimmer inside. Calm and ‘pretty to look at’ shade is a must-have for all the green-lovers. Two coats without a top in the photos.

Masura 1064 Lush Meadow

Dark green matte nail polish with an interesting texture – it’s thin as a jelly but well-pigmented and dries really fast. I used it in three thin layers because of my not very smooth nails, but if you buff them well – two layers would be enough.

Masura 1066 Red Aurora

Pinky-red matte nail polish, the color looks a bit colder on nails than in a bottle. Technical characteristics are similar to the green matte nail polish. Applied in three thin layers.

Masura 1067 Yin and Yang

Crimson golographic with half-jelly texture. There are a lot of small sparkling particles, and sometimes the shade of the nail polish looks reddish. Applied in two thick layers without a top coat.

Masura 1068 Potter’s Clay

Matte ochre nail polish matches its name very well with the shade and texture. A bit thicker than two previous mattes, but I applied it in three thin layers.

Masura 1069 Penthouse

Purple-pink cream-jelly nail polish looks brighter on nails than in a bottle, depending on the light. Two thick layers without a top.

Masura 1070 She

Dark violet Burgundy jelly nail polish. Glossy and very attractive – will never stay unmarked, even in a dull light. Two layers, no top coat.

Masura 1071 Rum & Brownie

Taupe-brown creamy nail polish of a ‘gastronomic’ shade. To my mind, it reminds coffee with a bit of cream. Two coats without a top coat.

Masura 1072 Holographic Kiss

Light beige jelly holographic. It required three layers for a good density. But the shade is really nice and it has a huge amount of holographic particles. Without a top coat in the picture.

Masura 1073 Iceland

Light blue half-jelly nail polish with silver shimmer. Handy enough for such a reduced shade, requires three coats. Has a good gloss without a top coat, which is uncommon for such blues.

Masura 1074 Snow Queen

Light blue holographic of a low-density texture with grey undertone. It has a real cold shade that reminds of winter. In the pictures – three layers without a top coat.

Masura 1076 Paisley

Blue-grey holographic of a nice winterish shade. Easy to apply, requires two layers, dries fast and has a perfect own gloss.

Masura 1077 Lavender in Somerset

Light lilac jelly holographic. Tender, airy and winterish, too. Reminded me of a window covered with frost in morning rays. Three layers without a top.

Masura 1078 Shakespeare in Love

Mint jelly with a lot of pink shimmer. I’d call it ‘moody’ at application, so it’s better to hold a brush parallel to a nail plate not pressing it much. As a result, we get a shelly tint on nails. In the pictures – three layers without a top.

Masura 1079 Life is Sweet

Light pink jelly with silvery micro shimmer. ‘Girly’ and sugary shade which makes you feel like a princess. Three thin layers without a top.

Masura 1080 Passion of Arabia

Ornate glitter top coat is full of large and small hexagon golden glitter. Easy to apply but might thicken on a brush. I guess that after a couple of applications it may be necessary to add some thinner. Finish look is smooth, there’s no extra need in a top coat.

Masura 1081 Palm Islands

Dark blur jelly with wonderful gloss. Handy to apply, requires two coats for a richer shade. But even then a free border of a nail remains visible, though for such a texture it is definitely a plus.

Masura 1082 Arabian Nights

Dark blue shimmer nail polish with metallic finish. Classical combination of the color and texture is excellent – easy to apply in two layers and good gloss.

Masura 1083 Amsterdam

Medium blue jelly is full of holographic micro shimmer. Can be applied in three thin or two thick layers (I chose the first way), with no top coat.

Masura 1084 Delft Blue

Rich cobalt blue cream with ideal technical characteristics. Perhaps, this is one of my blue favorites, I’m so happy to discover it! Two layers without a top.

Masura 1085 Cane Sugar by @kombucha_witch_

Cappuccino holographic, made in collaboration with a blogger Lyubov @kombucha_witch_. Very cozy and appetizing shade, especially for coffee addicts like me Three thin layers in the pictures.

Masura 1086 Sword of Destiny

Transparent base of this nail polish is full of silvery shimmer and large silver flakes of different shapes. It requires three layers for a good density and a top coat for smoothness, but it’s still not a guarantee of a smooth surface. Not so hard to remove.

Masura 1087 Sky Temple

Blue-turquoise multi-chrome with a color play from pink to violet shades. Beautiful color play is more noticeable in a real life and motion, photos don’t show it as it is. Three thin layers without a top.

Masura 1088 Euphoria by @alesplotnikova

Violet jelly holographic is full of raspberry and violet shimmer. Made in collaboration with a blogger Olesya @alesplotnikova and, to my mind, it is a real masterpiece of the nail industry! Three thin layers without a top.

Masura 1089 Swan Lake

Dark blue jelly with a lot of small holographic hexagon glitter. Two layers are quite enough, but I wanted to reach a richer shade and applied three without a top.

Masura 1090 On Dep Paths of Mystery by @solo_nails

Dark green holographic with olive undertone and a good density. Made in collaboration with me For me this nail polish is an ideal green for fall, dark enough to correspond with the season. Bright in the sunlight. And its’ name went without saying as I applied it on my nails. Two layers without a top.

Masura 1091 Tea Leaf

Dark green creamy nail polish surprised me in the pictures. The thing is that it behaves and looks as a classical cream, but in the photos I saw a barely-there micro shimmer. What a wonderful surprise! Two layers wothut a top.

Masura 1092 Planet’s Heart

Bright grassy green holographic with golden micro shimmer. Reminded me of a Lime Fountain from the Summer Collection, but Planet’s Heart is a bit richer and darker. Two layers without a top.