Today I want to show you MASURA gel polishes from the Primo Collection.

The Collection is remarkable for its one step gel polishes, which need neither base nor top coat. No sticky layer left. You see? They are the same as ordinary nail polishes but it takes only 2 minutes for each layer to dry up! Great indeed! And the coverage lasts quite long. It’s been almost two months since I applied it on my toes and the coverage is still there, nailed down. So, I expressed my delight about the technique characteristics of this gel polishes, and now let’s have a look.

MASURA 391-15 Lemonade

MASURA 391-15 Lemonade is a gel polish of vanilla color with small silver shimmer. They are almost invisible from afar. Medium density, best application is in three thin layers.

The brush:

MASURA 391-08 Fiji

MASURA 391-08 Fiji – bright pink cream with lilac undertone. Denser than Lemonade, has no shimmer, better to apply in three thin layers. A very cheerful shade.

I’ve noticed that Fiji’s density is good enough for using stencils, and made a couple of flowers with a thin brush and RockNailStar Orchids stencils. This shade is nice for drawing flowers ☺ I couldn’t help but complain about the stencils, I tend to get less and less sticky ones, as a result for drawing two flowers I had to utilize 4 or 5 stencils. What a shame. By the way, I’ve finished drawing the tips of petals with MASURA Stained Glass gel polish, Soon I’ll tell you more about it.