MASURA Seven Wonders of the World

A few days ago MASURA announced the expansion of two nail polish collections, so my today’s reviews will be focused on that. I’ll start with the collection of magnetic nail polishes, inspired by the Seven Wonders of the World. It includes seven shades united not only by one theme, but also by golden magnetic shimmer in each of them. Such a harmony with the Autumn colors outside! The texture has also changed – nail polishes became more jelly and glossy, so there’s no need in a top coat.

Masura 904-201 Zeus on Golden Cloud

Olive magnet nail polish with golden shimmer. Its’ density is the lowest in the collection. For full coverage I applied three coats. Fortunately, there’s no inconvinience with it, because like all the MASURA magnetic nail polishes it dries very fast. Without a top in the pictures.

Masura 904-202 Sky Gardens

Emerald green magnetic nail polish with golden and green micro shimmer. Reminds me of leafs on the trees at the end of summer, when they become darker and get a richer shade. Two thick layers without a top.

Masura 904-203 Artemida’s Heart

Orange-red magnetic nail polish with a lot of golden shimmer. Normally I don’t like such shades on my nails, but I’m totally in love with this one – in the sunlight it looks like flame! Two coats without a top coat.

Masura 904-204 The Pyramid of Cheops

Bronze magnetic nail polish with golden shimmer. Bronze shades are rare to be released, so I’m very happy to get it for my personal collection. Two layers without a top.

Masura 904-205 The Colossus Steps

Red-brown magnetic nail polish with golden shimmer. Impressed me with a red flare on magnetic strip which also behaves as alive – sparkles like crazy as hand moves. Two colors without a top.

Masura 904-206 Halicarnassus

Dark black-grey magnetic nail polish with golden shimmer and a bit of turquoise. The most severe and calm in the collection, I’d call it ‘formal’. Two coats without a top.

Masura 904-207 Lighthouse Golden Beam

A little brighter version of Halicarnassus , but instead of turquoise shimmer it contains a little bit more blue shimmer. My favorite from the collection, I’m going to use it for several times in the next fall months. Two layers without a top.