MASURA Seven Wonders of the World Collection (5 shades) + Cuticle Defender

The Seven Wonders of the World Collection was put into market in Fall 2016, it consists of seven wonderful shades that have a common feature — golden magnetic shimmer. Today I will show you five of them: Zeus on Golden Cloud, Sky Gardens, Arthemida’s Heart, The Pyramid of Cheops, Lighthouse Golden Beam and Cuticle Defender What is That Pink Tool?

All the nail polishes have good technical characteristics, like the rest from the Magnetic Gradient Collection. But the texture is a bit more jelly. And now they have a wonderful own gloss. Well-applied in two-three coats. Don’t color the nail plate.

With no base coat and top coat in all the photos.

Masura 904-201 Zeus on Golden Cloud»

Green-yellow with golden shimmer. Applied in three coats.

Masura 904-207 Lighthouse Golden Beam»

Grey-brown base with duochrome blue-violet and golden magnetic shimmer.

Masura 904-203 Artemida’s Heart»

A real fire on your finger tips! Orange-red with golden shimmer.

Masura 904-204 The Pyramid of Cheops»

Ginger-brown base with golden shimmer.

Masura 904-202 Sky Gardens»

Emerald nail polish with green and golden shimmer.

MASURA What is That Pink Tool? Cuticle Defender

This “pink thing” is a cuticle defender of light pink color with pink micro shimmer. Dries in about half a minute. Then the appeared film removes.

How to use:

  • Apply on skin around a nail plate
  • Dry it up
  • Make a design
  • Remove a protective film

Nail polishes from the Seven Wonders of the World Collection swept me off my feet with their great gloss. And the Cuticle Defender – with its cute pink shimmer.