Review on single-phase gel polishes MASURA Primo

Hi everyone! It’s been a long time, but here I am again After a length of absence I’ve prepared a review on the six single-phase gel polishes MASURA Primo.


Gel polishes from Primo series are single-phased, which means there’s no need in application of base and top coats. As for me, such gel polishes are ideal for pedicure – easy to apply and lasting as long as three-phase gel polishes.


All the gel polishes from the series have a nice texture of medium thickness. At application it doesn’t leak away or under the cuticle. Looks thick enough in two layers, but some shades require the third layer.


This gel polishes are stick to nails for about 2 weeks, and even more at pedicure.


Gel polishes are easy to remove with a special removing liquid.


I owe little bottles of 3,5 ml. It is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. It is an advantage for me, because this volume is quite enough for a personal use. If you need more quantity, it might be a disadvantage for you.

Now let’s enjoy the shades

391-09 Purple

Bright pink shade, applied in three thin layers in the photos, because it’s not dense enough in two layers.

Very lovely cheerful color, which picks me up My must-have for pedicure.

391-15 Lemonade

Reduced yellow shade with pearly shimmer. Two layers in the photos. Delicate and pretty color, suitable even for office.

391-17 oasis

Pleasant green color with yellow undertone. I love such shades and wear them at any time of the year. But of course it’s more suitable for the summer Three thin layers in the photos.

391-19 calligraphy

Just black. Can be a good base for designs. Two layers in the photos.

391-20 denim

Rich blue-violet shade, complex and so beautiful. Successfully fitted in my autumn mood. Two layers in the photos, free borders are slightly visible.

391-21 santorini

My favorite of all the shades I do love blues, and this one really drives me crazy. Bright and rich, the RIGHT shade of blue. Three layers in the photos.

So that’s what they are – my single-phase MASURA Primo gel polishes. Which shade did you like more?