Magnetics nail polishes MASURA

Masura asked me to test out some of their polishes and I happily said yes, I'm still in total love with magnetic polishes. I could choose from their non magnetic polishes as well, but I will show you those in a separate blog post, along with the Masura clear topcoat that I'm still testing. I used that topcoat in todays swatches, and I really love it so far, for me it's better for magnetics than my beloved Seche Vite. Swatches are shown without a basecolor, and I magnetized every coat, including topcoat.


It's a dark blue, almost black at the edges. 2 coats.


It's a plum with burgundy tones, plum-lilac magnetic dust and gold shimmer flakes. Soooo stunning! 2 coats.


It's a grass green magnetics. To be honest, I wasn't impressed with this, it was kinda hard to magnetize it, I don't know why. The coverage is also not the best, I used 2 coats here, but I would recommend 3 (or a green basecolor).


It's a grey base with silvery-white magnetic dust and pink to purple to blue to teal shimmer flakes. In the swatches you can see the blue nicely, but it can be very pink as well, but it needs warm light. I was wearing this at the beginning of the week (for 3 days) and I loved it! The coverage is not too good, I had to use 3 coats, but because it builds up to an almost black color, you can use a black creme polish under this and that way you don't have to use that many coats afterall.

904-182 MEHENDI

It's a red toned brown with golden-copper shimmer. 2 coats.

I think I can love every magnetic polish, regardless their colour, I'm just so amazed by the magnetic magic. Altough I think I like the ones that has some added shimmer or shimmer flakes better. Masura offers a wide selection of colors, and on you can find the stockist list as well. I have some videos about these colors on my Instagram account, although they are not that true to color, but at least you can see the magnetic effect a little bit better.