Masura Golden Collection fall-winter 2016/17

Hi everyone! In recent times MASURA pleases nail polish maniacs not only with new releases but also with gatherings and events.

They held the tremendous party and released new items: new gel polishes of fall-winter 2016/17, magnetic effects nail polishes and an edition of the Golden Collection of nail polishes. Today I will show you 12 from 30 shades of this new release.

A couple of words about the brush. now it’s a bit smaller and thinner:

1075 Unicorn

This shade was created especially for the MASURA all-Russian Nail Polish Event. On the top there’s a unicorn with inscription Masura Nail Polish Event 2016. Classic silver lineal holographic. Nice application and faery look:

In this new release of the collection there are 3 collaborations with nail bloggers.

1085 Cane Sugar by @kombucha_witch_

The first collaboration is a delicate airy taupe-beige nude with holo flakes. Absolutely multi-purpose nail polish. In one layer it is a beige veil with holo flakes, which gives a natural look. To the third layer it covers a free border of a nail very well and becomes a rich taupe.

1088 Euphoria by @alesplotnikova

The second collaboration is an outstanding plum with holographic shine. Its name reflects the substance. Easy to apply, dense coverage in two layers. It has a good own gloss, but I’d recommend using a top for faster dry.

1090 On Deep Paths of Mystery by @solo_nails

And the last collaboration is a deep dark emerald holographic. It’s cozy and home-like, and new-year and holiday at the same time. Dense from the first layer and has a good own gloss.

1073 Iceland

Light blue cream in the color of arctic pack with silvery micro shimmer, which is visible only in a bottle. I tried to catch it in the photos. Good density in two thin layers. While covering it might fade over, but a top coat can solve this problem.

1077 Lavender in Somerset

Delicate lavender diffused holographic with blue pearly nano shimmer. Cover a free border in two medium layers, the shimmer is almost invisible on nails.

1076 Paisley

Another trendy shade of the season – grey-violet with spreading holo particles. Very cozy winter shade, which may look dark grey, violet or brown violet, depending on the light.

1070 Her

Rich vinous plum cream. From the very first layer it looks deep and dense, but I applied two thin layers as I always do.

1078 Shakespeare in Love

The most popular shade of the collection. It’s being under heated discussion between polishaholics and from the very first swatches many girls have fallen in love with it. Mint pearl with pinky-lilac flashing. But it’s very capricious at application. Can be applied over an aqua base only, minimum in three layers. I can excuse it for its porcelaneous look.

1084 Delft Blue

And here comes my favorite color range. Electric blue. Pure blue cream, seemingly luminous on nails. It’s an ideal glossy blue from the first layer. There’s no need in a top coat, because it dries fast itself.

1081 Palm Island

Inky violet glass without any additions. It goes blue in the photos, but in fact it contains a bit of violet. Good application from the first layer and wonderful own gloss.

1063 Shaken No Stirred

And the last one, my beloved unusual shade – dusty light green with almost invisible green-blue shimmer. Best to apply in two thin layers, requires a top for a faster dry.

So this is my review, a bit mussy but full of photos.