MASURA Heart to Heart collection

A few days ago the MASURA Company announced a release of new collection ‘From Heart to Heart”. Its peculiarity is that all the names of shades are composed by participants of the competition in Instagram. It was so interesting to watch what associations one or another shade evokes. There are twelve nail polishes in the collection, mostly of calm and nude shades. And for the first time MASURA released nail polishes of a sandy texture, so they encouraged my attention first.


Dusty grey-pink-beige cream nail polish with a good density. I applied it in two layers and didn’t use a top coat, because its own gloss is just perfect.


Golden beige sandy nail polish with small silver and violet glitter. Nail polish is of a medium “sandiness”, so free borders are not scratchy. And the coverage is smooth to the touch. It dries fast, so there’s no need in a top coat, and you can use it for a ‘fast’ manicure. Two layers in the photos.

MASURA 1095 big city lights (author of the name @MADAMGALOVA)

Golden-beige holographic with golden shimmer and a bit of holo flakes. Holographic effect is visible even in the lamplight, and in the daylight this nude nail polish lights up with golden twinkles. Two layers and own finish.

MASURA 1096 sakura blooms twice (author of the name @THECOLOROFMAGIC)

Light lavender holographic with golden flakes. Dense enough in two layers. Flakes are so thin that there’s no need in a top coat.

MASURA 1097 under the apple tree at noon (author of the name @ANNAKEHTER)

Light pinky-lilac holographic with golden-beige flakes. I expected it to require three layers for a good density, but I was surprised to see that two were quite enough for a good finish look. Without a top coat in the photos.

MASURA 1098 sunset in montreal (author of the name @ECHO_NLS)

Light pink cream with thick texture. For a good density two layers are enough. Top coat would make it look more glossy.

MASURA 1099 dragon’s heart (author of the name @NATALYCROW)

Red-pink sandy nail polish with a jelly texture of a base and a lot of small holographic glitter. Grains are very delicate, so a layer of a top coat from above would make it smooth. Three thin layers without a top coat in the photos.

MASURA 1100 Crystal Forget-Me-Nots (author of the name @UINNARCH)

Lilac-blue jelly, full of holographic flakes. This nail polish is of a low density, so I applied three coats to make it look dense (two layers on my little finger for comparison). I think it would look great applied over a dark base. Without a top coat in the photos.

MASURA 1101 tender snow leopard (author of the name @SUDAEVSPRIDE)

Milky jelly with many silver micro glitters. It looks really wintry, so the name is a bang on! Three thin layers and own finish.

MASURA 1102 sands whisper (author of the name @NAILSKATEBARKO)

Light beige-grey holographic with small golden flakes. I really like its base color, there are not many holographic nail polishes of such shade. Technical characteristics are on top, too. Two layers without a top coat.

MASURA 1103 i’ll win an oscar (author of the name @OHOTNICA)

Beige-gold sandy nail polish with silvery micro glitter. Grains are palpable but nice to the touch. Two layers without a top in the photos.

MASURA 1104 Fortune Cookie (author of the name @DARINAILED)

Light grey-beige sandy nail polish with silver and violet micro glitter. Grans are not as palpable as in the previous one. Contrast glitter really matches the shade. Two layers without a top coat.