Magnetic nail polish is a good choice for winter season, when the light is gone.

My blog post is about 4 nail polishes Masura from the “7 wonders of the world”. I aplied all of them, using 2 acoats over the black base coat Obsidian + top coat 5 Stars (both products are from Masura shop).

First of all I’ll show you a comparison of these shades. Some of them look similar, but actually they are very different.

Zeus On Golden Cloud 904-201

Zeus On Golden Cloud 904-201 could be described as a “golden olive”, at least I can see both green and golden shades in it.

I really adore “difficult” colors at manicure, and Zeus On Golden Cloud is definitely this type of nail polishes.

Artemida’s Heart 904-203

It would be very boring to call the shade Artemida’s Heart 904-203 just “red”. It reminds me the color of volcanic lava or the fire.

The Pyramid Of Cheops 904-204 and The Colossus Steps 904-205 look similar but in fact they are different as cognac and whiskey.

The Pyramid of Cheops 904-204

The Pyramid Of Cheops is an amazing shade of amber honey. So warm, so delicious, so bright!

“The Pyramid” inspired me to make a manicure in Egyptian style.

There is double stamping at this macro. You can’t see it, but it exists ;) I used magnetic polishes Masura Blue Stars 904-196 and creamy Picture Polish Tingle.

TheColossusSteps 904-205

The Colossus Steps 904-205 looks like copper fire at my nails! It is slightly darker than The Pyramid Of Cheops, but still is so beautiful.

I will show you my nail art “Sunset in savanna”, where I used all 4 nail polishes from the “7 wonders of the world” collection + violet Andromeda’s Nebula 904-194 polish. I used gradient and stamping.

Sunset in savanna