Masura Spring 2017 Golden collection

Hello! Today I’d like to show you 8 new polishes from Golden collection by Masura. This new spring collection includes polishes of different colors and textures and all of them are worth your attention.

The formula of the polishes didn’t surprise me at all as it is still absolutely flawless! The polishes are of really high quality, they apply easily and perfectly. So I think it’s better to pass on to the swathes =)))

-70 Farenheit

This is a dark-grey textured polish packed with silver and holo particles. Thanks to these particles it seems almost silver under direct light. However the formula of this polish is rather sheer and requires two coats. 2 coats no TC on the photos.

Emerald Moss

This is a very rich deep green textured polish with holo glitter! I’m absolutely in love with this polish, its color is so vivid and intense! And unlike -70 Farenheit it is highly pigmented and can be easily applied in one coat. 2 coats no TC on the photos.

Spring Kiss

This is a white crelly polish with blue and green different sized hexes. The polish is rather sheer and you’ll need to apply two thick coats to get fully-opaque coverage. The glitter tends to stick out and a good top coat is required to make it smooth and glossy. It seems to me that this polish is absolutely perfect for spring! 2 coats with TC (Seche Vive) on the photos.

Haselnut Loukoumi

This polish was created basing on Pantone Hazelnut shade. However it reminds me more of a toffee or caramelized milk then of a hazelnut. And actually for me this shade is more suitable for autumn days. This polish contains rather large holo flakes and is perfect in application. 2 coats no TC on the photos.

Mint Milk

This one is a mint colored polish with the same holo flakes and excellent formula. It is so delicate and I think it’ll be perfect for any spring outfit. 2 coats no TC on the photos.

Dogwood Flower

Dogwood Flower polish was created on the base of Pantone Pale Dogwood shade. It’s a cute and a bit dusty pink shade with small and medium holo particles. 2 coats no TC on the photos.

Curly Kale

Curly Kale is a vivid green polish with different sized holo particles and golden sparkle. It was created basing on Pantone Kale shade. Well, thanks to this beautiful golden sparkle this polish reminds me of olives but not of kale. =))) However the shade is absolutely stunning! 2 coats no TC on the photos.

Foggy Morning Coffee

This is a coffee-brown holo polish with a hint of grey in its undertone. The color is so delicious that you won’t be able to resist the temptation of having another cup of coffee. 2 coats no TC on the photos.

Opaque Matte Top Coat

I’m not a great lover of matte top coats as usually they are not long lasting at all and my matte manis start to show signs of wear very quickly. Moreover you need more time to dry your nails than with quick dry top coat. When this matte top coat arrived I was a bit worried about using it in designs. And I was absolutely wrong as the top coat goes on smoothly and dries in no time. So this matte top coat is really good!

And here’s my design with Opaque Matte Top Coat. Here I used -70 Farenheit, Dogwood Flower and Mint Milk and some small black studs.

For my next mani I used Emerald Moss, Spring Kiss and Mint Milk polishes and beautiful Clover Field nail stencils by Whats Up Nails.

My next design is stamping with Foggy Morning Coffee and Haselnut Loukoumi polishes and Get Wild! 01 stamping plate by Lina Nail Art Supplies and some golden nail studs.

For my last design I used Curly Kale and Dogwood Flower polishes and Florality 2 stamping plate by Moyra Nail Art and Stamping and I’ve got very easy and simple stamping nail art in Pantone shades.