Autumn care of hands and nails with MASURA

The golden autumn slowly comes into the city.

It's a wonderful time for leisurely walks in the park, reading books delayed in the summer for later and the most delicious coffee in cozy cafes. However, after the September peace, the cold rainy season awaits us, affecting the state of hands and nails in a bad way. Especially if you live in a big city with a difficult ecological situation.

How to prevent this trouble? How to help our skin cope with the cold, and the nails stay strong and healthy?

In this article, we will reveal to you all the secrets and principles of basic care. Especially because MASURA have so many excellent tools, coping well with all possible problems.


Since the middle of autumn, our skin begins to experience stress, because it is constantly exposed to the aggressive wind and temperature changes. Dryness, flaking, redness - all of this, unfortunately, should be expected if you neglect the simplest physical protection of the skin.

Yes, we are talking about gloves. As those which are saving us from cold on the street, and those, the most usual latex gloves when you clean your house. At first glance, this advice seems rather banal, but you will really see a huge difference if you simply exclude the additional harmful effects of chemical agents that weaken the protective skin barrier.


As you know, the skin constantly needs proper exfoliation of the keratinized particles that make trouble in proper moisturizing and nourishment. The main thing is not to overdo it, especially in the fall. Products and scrubs shouldn't be too aggressive to not cause additional damage.

MASURA has several excellent tools that cope with this opportunity responsibly and delicately.

For example, a sugar scrub for hands and body CITRUS FRUIT 8023 with coconut oil and lemongrass. Coconut oil is famous for its excellent skin care to cope with negative environmental factors. Lemongrass will provide a healthy tone. A complex of collagen and elastin in this scrub will restore the elasticity of the skin.

For the most gentle handles, we recommend the STRAWBERRY YOGURT 8005 scrub. Its super-soft particles work very delicately, and the composition of this product is aimed at deep moistening. No irritation and a feeling of tightness of the skin! Suitable for daily use and sensitive skin.


After using the scrub, immediately apply a nourishing cream on your hands. This will significantly extend the spa effect of the procedure and make up for the damage from the weather effects.

For this purpose, our best-selling hand cream and body cream «GREEN TEA» 8016 with an organic extract of green tea leaves, which is a powerful antioxidant and almond and jojoba oil in the composition. It intensively nourishes the skin, gives it a healthy appearance and prevents aging.

We highly recommend to pay your attention to hand cream, which we created specifically for lovers of cozy sweeteness - «GINGER TEA» 869S.

It is not just a remarkably nourishing product with a pleasant consistency. But also a real bomb for an uplifting mood in a gloomy autumn :-) The aromas of ginger biscuits, mulled wine, cinnamon and lemon peel are merged into one, recalling that after the dull cold rains we will get with fluffy snow and Christmas mood!

You can use these creams as nutritious masks, copiously applying them at night or under special gloves. This method works great!


Never forget about moisturizing - this is a very useful habit. After each hand washing, apply a small amount of moisturizing cream and forget about the feeling of skin tightness throughout the day.

Very soon, the season of heating and dry air in the premises, and therefore for girls working in offices, the problem of dry hands will more urgent than ever. We want to offer you excellent tools that quickly cope with the task of moisturizing.

The hyaluronic cream for hands and nails «COCONUT MILK» 8015 is found in every second order on our website. Exceptional moistening effect combined with the weightlessness of the texture!

Instantly soaking, this light cream leaves no trace on clothes or paper when you touch them. An additional bonus is an economical expense. You just have enough for a couple of months (or more) of daily use.

It is highly recommended to experience this amazing combination of efficiency and light texture.

Dear manicurists and girls working in offices! In our assortment, there are also two ideal moisturizers in the spray format especially for you.

They are so convenient to put on the working table, so you not to forget about skin care. And it's also a great option for a quick spa procedure for clients.

Gentle milk instantly changes the appearance of the skin and effectively moisturizes at the expense of natural extracts, D-Pantenol and vitamins in the composition. Both products are so pleasant to use and absorbed really fast.

MASURA Kaori SPA Spray for hands, feet and nails Cherry, 160ml, 865, Nourishing Spray for hands and body «Chocolate Milk», 100 ml, 8014


Concerning of care, you can not ignore the impressive effect of massage on the overall tone of the skin and the condition of the nails. It provides natural nourishment of the skin due to the influx of blood and at the same time heats the joints. In autumn, the growth of the nails somewhat slows down, but a daily massage can significantly speed up this process.

There is no special technique - just gently massage wrists, fingers and nail plates immediately after applying the cream or oil for the cuticle.

A small amount of time that you spend on this useful habit is incommensurable with the exceptional benefits that it will bring.

Speaking of the cuticle - it's not so important, whether you remove it with the help of a device or softening agents, or maybe you do no delete it at all. Its good condition on 100% dependent on the use of special oils. So you get momentary action and long-lasting effect.

MASURA has both oils and products that slow the growth of the cuticle.

Pay attention on two products which have incredibly pleasant smell: Chocolate oil for cuticle, with cocoa extract, 6.5 ml, 8009 and Strawberry Oil for cuticle with vitamins E and C, 6.5 ml, 8021

Quick absorption, weightless texture - these oils will become faithful helpers in the struggle for the hands beauty!

And in order to facilitate the process of softening and removing the cuticle, use our irreplaceable gel GARRA RUFA 860.

It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, but besides it will help to maintain a beautiful kind of handles and after a manicure. Glycerin and blue alga extract perfectly moisturize the cuticle and slow its growth.

Regular Polish and Gel-polish in Autumn

Dear girls, we could not ignore such a common question as: is it worth doing a manicure in the autumn period, or should we give the nails "rest"?

Our answer - It's totally OK!

The nail plate, just like the skin of the hands, is exposed to negative effects during the cold period. Especially deterioration of the nail condition is noticeable if they are fragile by themselves. In this case, they simply can't be left without protection.

The quickest way is to apply a medical or usual polish.

But exactly for this purpose, we created our serum SAMURAI SHIELD 857

This basic miracle product creates a strong protective barrier on your nails, and talc in the composition fills the smallest grooves and cracks.

It will strengthen and restore the nails, damaged by the improper removal of gel-varnish, helping them to grow strong and healthy.

As for gel-polishes - there are no contraindications to its use in the fall. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of the advantages of a durable and beautiful coating. It also works as a shield against negative weather conditions. Just never neglect the rules of removal and timely correction by a professional manicurist.

Lovely girls!

Sincerely we hope that we were helpful and helped to make the right choice in the matter of caring for your hands and nails. After all, to preserve their beauty and health, it is so important! And let the weather and the change of seasons do not interfere you on your way to this purpose ;-)

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Chocolate oil for cuticle, with cocoa extract, 6.5 ml, 8009
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Strawberry Oil for cuticle with vitamins E and C, 6.5 ml, 8021