New gel-polishes collection Magnetic Pearls! 6 unrepeatable shades

The beauty of the natural pearl, holographic radiance charm and the caramel jelly shades depth -- all this now in the New MASURA gel-polishes collection!

One of the most beautiful MASURA polishes collections Magnetic Pearl has gained immense popularity both among bloggers and our customers. We received a HUNDRED reviews with a request to release gel-polishes with this unique pearl overflow...

Well... Meet 6 NEW Magnetic Pearls gel-polishes!

Soft caramel shades, jelly depth and delicious pearl effect, created on every nail from the simple touch of a magnet.

These gel polishes are definitely deserve your attention! We invite you to consider each of them closer.

Pink pearl 295-23

Pink pearl 295-23 Pink pearl 295-23

It is difficult to convey the beauty of this gel-polish in the photo. In bright daylight, he is quite obviously going into a warm brick undertone.

This shade of pink is the perfect compromise between restraint and richness.

Pearl of luck 295-24

Pearl of luck 295-24 Pearl of luck 295-24

Beautiful soft peach gel-polish. It is usually said about such colors that they visually lengthen fingers. Modest, but at the same time very nice warm shade.

And incredibly "tasty", like caramel candy!

Pearl of happiness 295-25

Pearl of happiness 295-25 Pearl of happiness 295-25

A lilac-pink shade and milky white depth with a golden tint. With this delicate gel-polish every nail looks like a petal of a marvelous tea rose.

Beautiful nude, which simply has no analogs.

Lavender pearl 295-26

Lavender pearl 295-26 Lavender pearl 295-26

One of the two most saturated colors of the collection. Violet is still popular, and we decided to open another facet of it, creating a purple gel-polish with a pearl overflow.

Warm, juicy and absolutely beautiful.

Mar de cortés 295-27

Mar de cortés 295-27 Mar de cortés 295-27

Are you already in love? We, too!

It is impossible to take your eyes off this deep, dark purple with a cold note. The sea, at the bottom of which lies a rare pearl.

Haliotis 295-28

Haliotis 295-28 Haliotis 295-28

Gray shades can be strict, everyday, pastel. This gray-beige as a good companion, will accompany you at work and at rest. No boring!

Just look at this cool glow of a magnetic strip! Valuable copy for any collection.

All Magnetic Pearls collection shades are also an excellent option for a quick and effective design. Combine them with similar or contrasting enamel and matte shades, in general - experiment!

The original! Feminine! Unrepeatable! For connoisseurs of sustainable coverage. All 6 NEW shades are already waiting for you on our website.