The second edition of the MASURA Magnetic Pearl collection! 9 NEW shades

Inspired by the terrific success of our UNIQUE Magnetic Pearl collection, we have created for you 9 NEW shades.

The beauty of a natural pearl, the charm of holographic shine and caramel depth - everything is created by a simple movement of a magnet. You can watch for that endlessly!

And today we are happy to tell you about each new shade in detail.

Tuamotu 904-225

Azure, like the Polynesian islands water, this rare shade will delight you not only in summer. In winter, its cold pearl overflow will look just as very well.

Mar De Cortés 904-256

The deep blue shade of this polish echoes the gel-polish ( ) with the same name. We know that blue magnetic polishes are always a great idea and are pleased to give you another great option.

See how advantageously this color combines with pearl overflow!

Pearl Of Happiness 904-257

The unusual smoky-purple shade of this polish plunges into a state of reverie. It seems to combine the smoothness of the finest silk and overflow of organza.

This polish is for the most delicate and feminine natures.

Pearl Of Luck 904-258

This polish is the epitome of elegance and true luxury. When exclusivity is achieved through restraint. A beige shade and magnetic overflow perfectly complement each other in a verified classy look.

Chocolate Pearl 904-259

Delicious, rich, deep! It is impossible to resist the desire to try on a rock-n-roll look with this rich chocolate shade. At the same time it is really cozy. But who said that opposites cannot coexist in the same polish?

Orient 904-260

Lipstick-color and cold pink pearl flare in this polish are combined incredibly harmoniously. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most feminine polish of the collection.

Pearl Of Love 904-261

Bright, like passion, but still pacified by a cold note, this juicy purple shade -- you will love it. Perfect for warm skin tone, but it will look beautiful on a cold one.

Cherry Pearl 904-262

The elegant shade of ripe plum or plum jam, in which the bright raspberry “heart” is revealed due to the jelly depth and is underlined with a pearl flare. Dear lovers of various shades of Bordeaux and Marsala - this polish will become an original and unique sample of your collection!

Purple Pearl 904-263

Deep purple color with a light crimson flare. Polish for queens!

Gentle, sensual, rich. Each finger turns into a rare jewel. The entire series Magnetic Pearls is femininity, embodied in the polish collection.