New MASURA Holographics Gel-Polish Collection

We have selected for you the most luxurious and requested shades and filled them with a bright holographic brilliance of many shining particles!

The new “Holographics” collection is a balance between classic and glamor, a reference approach and trends. Shades of red, purple, blue and beige complemented by an incredible shine!

With these colors it is so easy to create a stylish and memorable look.

Blackcurrant Grog 294-475S

Black currant shade with silver sparkles of holography. This gel-polish does not go to black, but retains the saturation of a purple.

Gel Polish Basic Purple Mix 294-476S

The luxury of purple and sparkles of small holography particles — a win-win combination!

Lilac Rainbow 294-477

Feel the exaggeration with this delicate lilac, like the buds of summer flowers. Ease in combination with beautiful flashes of holography — it’s all about him.

Gel Polish Basic Ice Diamond 294-478

Very unusual discreet dark blue, which seems slightly dusty due to holography in the shade and shines brightly with electric light and sun.

Gel Polish Basic Hot Red 294-479

If you have been looking for your one and only red for a long time, then take a closer look at this shade. We called it “hot” — and this is no accident! Rich wine red balanced shade with beautiful holography.

Gel Polish Basic Favourite Holo 294-480

One glance and you fall in love with this nude holographic with a complex pink hint of a taupe! It will also perfectly complement designs with dark shades.

Gel Polish Basic Raspberry Sky 294-481

The rich shade of raspberry jam with luxurious radiance reveals all the facets of this gorgeous color. Feminine and juicy, he is definitely the star of the collection!

Gel Polish Basic Totally Pink 294-482

Cheerful and so unusual pink. Due to its brightness, it almost tends to neon, but still remains the most interesting representative of bright pink holography.

Gel Polish Basic Dandy 294-483

Bright purple gel-polish, which will easily become a party star and remind you of a hot summer and delicious berries.

All gel-polishes are presented in two volumes: 11ml and 3.5ml

Savings for professionals and the ability to replenish the palette without sacrificing budget with a variety of colors for those who do manicures at home.

Do you like holography just like us? If your answer is YES, then hurry up to our site! The collection is already available.