French Alps collection: 2NEW shades! Don’t need abase!

Friends, weknow how you value your time and well-groomed nails. That iswhy wehave added two new camouflage shades tothe MASURA palette.

All the advantages ofresistant coatings, strengthening the nail plate due tothe dense consistency and complementary natural colors— all these are the NEW shades of“Mont Blanc” 294-484 and “Grand Paradiso” 294-485

Both colors are semitransparent and identical intexture. “Mont Blanc” 294-484 has abeige undertone, and “Grand Paradiso” 294-485 is acomfortable pale-pink shade. They are soeasy tomake asmooth coating and reducing the manicure time byhalf, because they donot require abase, and also perfectly applied. For extra shine, werecommend putting top-coat.


  • Apply gel-polish tothe treated nail plate. Dry in UVlamp 2minutes, LED 30seconds.
  • Apply asecond layer ofgel-polish. Dry inaUV lamp for 2minutes, LED 30seconds.
  • Apply Top gel-polish. Dry intheUV lamp for 2minutes, LED for 30seconds.

Ifyou are already using our nude rubber base “BASIC” 298-30, then you will certainly appreciate the advantages ofthe NEW collection.

We are waiting for you onthe site! Both shades are already onsale.

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Gel polish BASIC Gran Paradiso, 11 ml, 294-485S