Serums and nail repair products by MASURA

Quality manicure - what is included in this concept?

Harmoniously selected shades of color coating, their composition and application skills, of course, play a big role. But the focus should still be paid to the nails health.

Thinned, ribbed, exfoliated and fragile nails can bring a lot of unpleasant moments to their owner. And it's not only in appearance!

An important fact: colored regular and even gel-polishe on damaged nails are worn for a very short time due to their increased plasticity and fragility, which leads to detachment of the coating. It's a shame when a beautiful, lovingly chosen color or design doen't work to enjoy it longer than 1-2 days.

Of course, you can strengthen nail with an gel or acrylic system by a professional, but if for some reason you are not a supporter of this method, please, don't worry!

We always pay great attention to the issue of preserving the health of natural nails; therefore, the MASURA assortment contains reinforcing and regenerating products. Namely: SERUM and BASIC NAIL TREATMENT.

In this article we will tell you about all the products of these two categories, as well as, step by step - about the features of their use.

Stage I: Cleaning

After removing the old coating and shaping the free edge of the nail, you need to cure a cuticle.

Cuticle tools are divided into two types: those that you use at the initial stage of manicure (cleansing) and final (moisturizing and nourishing).

In order to properly soften the hardened skin and remove pterygium you will need an effective, but not too aggressive product. For example, Gel for softening and cuticle removing GARRA RUFA GEL 860


GARRA RUFA gel is included in the MASURA brand Japanese manicure procedure, but it can be used both in European and in edged (for easier cleaning).

Its main purpose is the careful removal of the cuticle. The gel contains glycerin and blue seaweed extract, which are responsible for moisturizing. But beyond that, it has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

With it your cuticle and the skin around the nail will not be overdried! So the aesthetic effect of the procedure will last.

Application: Apply the gel on the cuticle and nail plate. After 2 minutes, gently clean the nail with an orange stick. If the cuticle is initially rough, we recommend holding the hands in the bath with warm water and then continuing to clean.

Stage II: protection, restoration, strengthening

The next 5 products from the serum category will help to manage the main problems of natural nails: thinness of the plate, delamination, dryness (fragility), slow growth.

Like GARRA RUFA gel, they are included in the Japanese manicure procedure (the next step after the paste and powder), but can also be used separately from it. They can be used alone or as a base for regular colored polishes.

Coating RICE MILK 814

Покрытие RICE MILK / рисовое молочко 814

PROBLEM: exfoliation of nail layers

If you are worried about such a problem as exfoliation of nail layers, then pay attention to this serum with a concentrated content of ceramides and wild rice extract. Both of these components perfectly compensate for the lack of moisture in the cells of the nail.


Ceramides are a kind of lipids (fats), which are the main element of the lipid layer of the skin, necessary for protection against aggressive external factors.

Wild rice extract nourishes the nail cells with moisture, and ceramides “cement” gaps in the keratin structure of the nail plate. Use this serum to solve the problem of delamination, as well as a prophylactic agent.

Reinforcing serum for natural nails SAMURAI SHIELD 857

Армирующая сыворотка для натуральных ногтей SAMURAI SHIELD / Щит самурая 857

PROBLEM: thin, damaged or ribbed nail plate, brittle nails

Our 100% bestseller, reinforcing serum "Samurai Shield" was loved by many girls because with its help it is possible to grow the desired length of the free edge of the nails, even if by nature they are brittle and therefore not capable of growth.


Silk in the serum composition creates a strong protective film on the surface of the nails, and talc fills the smallest cracks, aligning the plate.

The tool is used as a restorative after removing artificial coatings, and to strengthen fragile nails.

You can apply it as independent (in 2 layers for extra-strong strengthening) or as base under color polishes (in 1 layer). Can also be used for pedicure. Due to the natural shade suitable for both women and men.


Покрытие RED DRAGON / Красный Дракон 812

PROBLEM: thin deformed plate

It happens that due to any physical impact, the nail plate is deformed. This is especially true for thin nails or incorrect removal of gel-polish. Over time, to return the original form of the nail you need to compensate for thinning.


Due to the composition of green tea extract, RED DRAGON serum saturates the deformed plate with necessary microelements, leveling the surface. You will see the aesthetic effect immediately, but to solve the problem, we recommend the course: apply serum 1 time per week in 2 layers regularly, until the damaged part of the nail finally grows.


Покрытие WAKAE TAKE / Молодой бамбук 811

PROBLEM: slow nails growth, thin plate, unevenness

Another high keratin product. If you are worried about the speed of regrowth of damaged nails or you want to solve the problem of aesthetic appearance - use WAKAE TAKE coating.


Restoring the keratin chain in the structure of the nail, this serum has an intense stimulating effect on its growth and strength. Amino acid derivative of methionine, which is part of the protein, strengthens the nail plate at the cellular level. Your nails become strong, their appearance improves.


Увлажняющая маска-пленка SHIMERIKE MOIST-MASK / Шимерике 852

PROBLEM: dryness, brittleness, aggressive external factors

We care for the skin of the face with daily care and various intensive masks. Why not do the same with your nails taking care of their beauty and health?

Restoration, prevention, additional care - all this provides a mask-film.


This water-based mask that contains D-panthenol (cosmetic ingredient that is responsible for hydrating and restoring cell plasticity). Intensive hydration of the nails is due to the conductor - iodized water - which distributes D-panthenol to the cells of the nail plate. At the same time, the film structure of SHIMERIKE MOIST-MASK provides natural air exchange on the surface of the nails.

The effectiveness of D-panthenol is maintained for 24 hours, then the mask can be easily removed, like a mask film for the face. The mask is evenly applied to the nail plate (make sure that there is no other coating on the nails), forming a strong film with a camouflaging effect and a soft sheen. On the nail plate, the mask becomes completely transparent. After 24 hours or earlier, the coating should be renewed, after removing the mask film.


Products of this category as well as serums have a regenerating effect. In addition, they instantly return to the nails aesthetically appearance and are perfectly combined with regular polishes.


База для выравнивания ногтей BASIC 841

This leveling base looks great on the nails as an independent coating. If you want to achieve an incredibly natural effect like “my nails, only better”, just apply it in two layers.


Базовое покрытие BASIC NAIL HARDENER для укрепления ногтей 8017

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned the problem of nail polish detachment, which can be solved by strengthening the nail plate. Just apply this base in 1-2 coats before using a decorative coating.

By significantly strengthening her thin and brittle nails, she at the same time solves the problem of wearing colored polishes. Imagine that your nail plate is a canvas, on the strength of which it depends, whether your personal “polish masterpiece” will stand the test of time.


Универсальное покрытие BASIC DUO SOLUTION с высоким блеском 8018

We know that many people like 2 in 1 products not only for their versatility, but also for the opportunity to save money. And it really makes sense!

That is why we have developed an excellent product that will not only make your nails stronger, but also protect your color coating, giving it a luxurious shine.

Apply it in 1-2 layers as a base, then use regular colored polish, and then fix the effect with another 1 layer of DUO SOLUTION. Dry all layers well.


Топ-покрытие BASIC WET GLOSS TOP с эффектом мокрого блеска 8019

It’s no secret that the beauty of colored polishes depends of a top coating.

We offer you to increase the power to the full and try this topcoat in action. Any polish will shine with a steady chic wet shine, like a water surface!


As the final stage of manicure, do not forget to use high-quality cuticle oil. Well-moisturized cuticle is the main secret of both the beauty of the manicure and the duration of the effect of the procedure.

Put the oil in a visible place and use it at least 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening, so that your hands always have a neat and well-groomed appearance.


Масло для кутикулы SUIREN OIRU/Масло Лотоса 820

Vanilla extract and lotus seed oil, which are part of this oil, have a mild, soothing effect on the skin around the nail, preventing the appearance of burrs. Another of his wonderful properties is the slowing down of the growth of the cuticle.

Massage the oil in the cuticle 1-2 times a day and enjoy the steady effect of the procedure.

We hope that you were helpful and were able to answer all the basic questions concerning MASURA recovering products.

Stay beautiful and delightful!

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