17 NEW shades of MASURA COLLABORATIONS Collection!


Happy to present you 17 NEW collaborate nail polishes, created together with popular bloggers and online store LacoDom.

Sensual, mysterious, deep, bright and mesmerizing — they are not just shades ... Inspired by personal stories, touching memories, works of art and the beauty of nature, the colors of MASURA COLLABORATION 2018 nail polishes open the door to the beautiful inner world of their creators. We appreciate the opportunity to touch it and hope that for you it will become such an exciting adventure!

Walk around Amsterdam during the Tulip Parade or feel like Cinderella, who goes to the ball in the carriage. Or maybe watch the sunset over the blue lake waiting for a night full of stars? To fade in admiration on the edge of the lavender field, without sadness to realize the fleetingness of what is happening and to say the important words to the closest person.

Every moment of our life is priceless, but we have kept the brightest for you.

COLLABORATION Masura 2018 — already on our site!