Video: Collection BASIC French Queen


There are never too many reds, do you agree?

The most popular and most versatile color that suits absolutely everyone, the main thing is to choose the right shade.

Today we will introduce you to our stunning collection “French Queen”, which consists of 8 red and such different gel polishes:

  • B067 French Queen — dark red, deep and passionate color, with a drop of raspberry and a scattering of fine red glitter.
  • B068 Isabella — the darkest red in the collection with a drop of brown and a scattering of fine red glitter.
  • B069 Marie Antoinette — a cold dark red with a slightly larger red glittering glitter, very elegant.
  • B070 Louise — dark red, neutral, with the finest flakes of mica and shimmer.
  • B071 Amalia is a red with a warm undertone and a cute golden shimmer.
  • B072 Jeanne — scarlet with small flakes of mica and shimmer, holiday gel polish.
  • B073 Josephine — bright red with orange undertones and the smallest golden shimmer.

The only gel polish in the collection without filling — B074 Constance — cream, dense dark red.