Nail polish "Solar Corona", 11 ml

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  • Nail polish "Solar Corona", 11 ml
  • Nail polish "Solar Corona", 11 ml
  • Nail polish "Solar Corona", 11 ml
  • Nail polish "Solar Corona", 11 ml

Nail polish "Solar Corona", 11 ml

  • Type: nail polish
  • Volume, ml: 11
  • SKU: 904-200
  • Color: deep smoky yellow with jelly texture, pearly tridimensional magnetic iridescence, with golden olive shimmering

The new galaxy is discovered! A “Magnetic Gradient” collection is a magnetic polish “know-how”. The unique effect of gradient spreading of magnetic pigment makes two textures on the nail:  a solid magnetic gradient and deep glass jelly where you can see your favorite holographic fractions float, shine and strike you with their splendor like myriads of stars. Yes, we could make all your boldest dreams come true!

Place a magnet near your nail dividing the magnetic polish into two parts and wait…one, two, three seconds and two galaxies meet, two effects mix with each other making a perfect gradient on your nails!
A “Magnetic Gradient” collection is an easy way to make an all-star manicure on your nails!

Black Marble Smoke Nails And Magnetic Nailpolish?!

MASURA «Magnetic Gradient» Nail Polish

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