10 ideas of chrome design with stencils

We would like to bring to your attention 10 variants of design with MASURA Mirror Powder and nail polishes from the MASURA Golden Collection.

To duplicate a design follow these steps:

  • Apply two layers of nail polish
  • Wait until it gets completely dry
  • Place a stencil on the nail
  • Rub a small amount of the Mirror Powder into the pattern using a sponge
  • Remove the stencil
  • Apply a top coat

Nail polish Boohoo is Not My Cup of Tea 1015

Nail polish For Him 1034

Nail polish Mission Possible 1008

Nail polish My Piece of Pie is the One with Cherry 1012

Nail polish Less Mondays, Please 1022

Nail polish Tranquil Gaze 1048

Nail polish Riverside 1058

Nail polish It’s My Day 1035

Nail polish Wild Orchid 1043

Nail polish Emotions are Worth Living 1017