MASURA From Heart to Heart collection (6 polishes)

Hello! Today I'm going to tell you about 6 polishes from the new collection by Masura that is called "From Heart to Heart". By the way the names of all the polishes were created by our Russian bloggers. And they are so cute. =)))

All the polishes from this collection have delicate neutral shades, perfect for everyday wear. Your nails will look great both in the office and on a date. And the formula of the polishes is excellent: the application is very easy and I had no probles with removal. It seems to me that with these polishes you can paint your nails with shut eyes. =)

Tender Snow Leopard

This polish has a delicate creamy shade and is filled with small hpolo particles. The finish is not glossy so ypu'll need a top coat. Well sometimes it is called sandy but I don't agree. It just has some particles sticking out. I'd also like to say that on most swatches it seems more white. I don'k know why but on my hands it is more beige than white. May be that happened due to the lighting comditions or jush the combination with my skin tone. However I like it better this way =)) Two coats with TC on the photos.

Crystal Forget-Me-Nots

This polish has light and delicate purple shade and is packed with lot's of holo particles and golden shimmer. It is very sparkly! The base of the polish is rathere sheer so I had to apply 3 coats to make it opacque. However they were really quick to dry. 3 coats with TC on the photos.

Sakura Blooms Twice

This polish also has light purple shade. I'd say it's lavender with linear holo and golden flakes. It has nice pigmentation and becomes opacque in 2 coats. 2 coats with TC on the photos.

Sands Whisper

This is one more polish with golden flakes. However this one is milky beige. It is also filled with linear holo particles but they are not so sparkly that makes this shade so very delicate.

You Are Full Of Madgic Yourself

This is a beautiful beige polish with just a hint of orange-brown packed with purple glitter and textured with mica particles. The so-called sandy polish. It's finish is so pleasant to touch. I think this polish has become my fav of the collection. 2 coats no TC on the photos.

Fortune Cookie

This polish is also textured with mica particles and packed with purple glitter. However it is also filled with loads of golden shimmer that gives the polish its delicate sparkle. 2 coats no TC on the photos.

I've created several designs with this polishes which I'd also like to show you.

The first one is a simple stamping design with the Creative Shop stamping plate #31 and Fortune Cookie nail polish. I love this color combination!

The next design was created with Sands Whisper nail polish and Milv water decals #N453.

Another design is my favourite reverse stamping with Creative Shop 19 stamping plate and 3 polishes: Tender Snow Leopard, Crystal Forget-Me-Nots and Sakura Blooms Twice.

And here's my last design with these polishes. Here I used 2 polishes: You Are Full Of Magic Yourself and magnetic polish Mehendi - and "Forest" nail stencils by Rocknailstar.

I'm very sorry this post is so-o-o long! Thank you so much for reading it up to the end! I hope you liked the polishes and the designs.